Well, now you can, under the guidance and care of former Socceroo Gabriel “Chichi” Mendez.

Chichi has been based in Valencia Spain since relocating with his family in 2013. He has two children whom are chasing their dreams in their respective sports. Gian, Chichi’s son was signed up by Valencia CF late in 2013. He has spent 3 years developing his game with the Spanish giants and has played against some of the greatest clubs in the world. His daughter Seone is a tennis player an up and coming athlete who represents Australia where ever the game of tennis takes her.

Since 2015, Chichi and his wife Natalia have opened up their doors and personally taking care of a Selected group of players who are willing to take on the challenge of playing football in one of if not the leading country in world football, Spain. Chichi and his fulltime professional program operating under GM Global Sports provides all the necessary tools and requirements for the player/s to gain the ultimate experience and opportunity to excel in the world of football. We are not talking about joining any Academy here, our aim is signing players with real clubs and fighting for a position in the team, week in week out.

Chichi has formed strong relationships with many of the clubs surrounding the city of Valencia, including contacts in Barcelona, Madrid and other European nations. For any of the players that are successful, they are offered a position in their respective age group at the club they have successfully trained with. Moving forward the player has to compete extremely hard at every training session to earn himself a spot in the first 11.

For any players not obtaining a European passport, the doors are still open. By obtaining a student visa the player can remain in Spain for a period of 12 months. Chichi will provide you with the necessary letters to present to your local Spanish embassy.

The program provides the following:

  • Fulltime training program
  • Daily morning training and most afternoon sessions.
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Gym membership
  • Free access to recovery centre, state of the art gym facilities
  • Accommodation…fully furnished home (shared accommodation with other players)
  • Home cooked meals prepared for athletic performance.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Spanish course (compulsory for all none speaking Spanish players and none European passport players)
  • Daily transfers to and from training.
  • We provide Player management, negotiations on behalf of the player, constant contact with coaches and club directors.
  • Cultural/ leisure activities.
  • Mentoring and guidance.
  • Family based environment and surroundings.
  • A pathway to elite clubs and professional career.
  • Scouting opportunities into other European countries/trials.
  • A focused environment with other athletes who are on the same path and alike dreams/goals.
  • Responsibilities and rules to abide by.
  • Safe small community for players to roam around town in their free time.
  • Community facilities; Medical Centre, Hospital, Restaurants, Banks, Dentist, Hairdressers, Gym, Physiotherapy, Groceries Store, Cafes, Park, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Football Fields, Paddle Courts, Train and Bus Station Direct lines to city and beaches, School, Department Stores, Pharmacies, Health Organic Shops, Ice Cream shops, markets every Wed and more, all this at 1-5 min walk.
  • Wi-Fi at accommodation included.

Length of Program:

The program runs parallel to the Spanish football season. Pre-season commences early August of each year and the season finishing late May…an extended period of approximately 10 months. Players are to present themselves in Valencia Spain as of the 1st of August.


Players of ages 15 to 22 are welcomed to present themselves.

Positions available:

We only have a total of 16 positions available per season. Keeping the numbers low, allows Chichi and his team to provide the players as much attention as possible. The upmost care is displayed on a daily basis to all players.

Rules and responsibilities:

 If you are wanting to be a successful individual in future, discipline plays a huge roll in the direction you will take. Rules and responsibilities are everywhere you go. It will be no different with Chichi and his team. Responsibilities will be set on a daily basis for everyone to respect and follow. Don’t worry, we are talking about common responsibilities for everyone to get along and for things to run smoothly on a daily basis. Whether you are at home having lunch, relaxing, studying or you are out training, you will always find yourself obliging by set rules. By implementing order and discipline in everything you do, you will find that you are always in control and on top of things, this will lead you in the right direction in life whether you are an elite athlete in future, a parent, or working in the business industry.

In Conclusion:

 Chichi and his team are there to provide, assist in every which way possible. They will mentor and guide you through as much as possible from the first day you arrive in Valencia. On many occasions you will find trainings to be tough but at the same time enjoyable if you love what you do. Daily itineraries will be busy and will at times demand a lot from you physically and emotionally but once you adapt and adjust to what the expectations are, you will find yourself taking big steps forward in the right direction. One thing Chichi and his team cannot do for you, and that is to play and perform for you. This is your responsibility and dream at the end of the day. Your hunger, passion, determination and commitment will determine how far up the ladder you will climb.

In conclusion, your stay in Valencia Spain with Chichi and his team will be a life changing experience. You will create unforgettable memories, great friendships and experiences that will propel and hold you in good stead for the rest of your life on and off the Football field.

The Process of enrolment:

  1. Simply contact GM Globalsports via our contact us page and express your interest.
  2. You will be informed on how the program operates and what opportunities are provided.
  3. Arrange a skype or phone call with Chichi in Valencia directly to discuss the program and more.
  4. Have questions ready that you may have to ask Chichi.
  5. Once you are certain and confident in moving forward, Chichi will help you go through the process of what is required to make the dream of playing in Spain become a reality.