Testimony Nick Lehner

“The football opportunity is for sure real as it has to happen within the individual, they have to improve, impress, learn as much as possible from their coaches, work hard each day at training, understand the game tactically, to demonstrate that they are a professional on and off the football pitch, todo esfuerzo tiene su recompensa

GM Global Sports is a fantastic service that provides youngsters with an opportunity to play in Europe and it does not disappoint, it helps and teaches the individual/s the football aspect side of things and away from football with responsibilities and the appropriate way to behave amongst a residence full of boys

To take the opportunity and to compete at their fullest, take advantage and learn as much as possible as you can.”

Nick Lehner


 Testimony Anthony Sparaciono“The opportunity offered by GM global sports to become a professional footballer is by far the best environment I have been apart of. They have offered me a legitimate pathway to get me on the road to becoming a footballer, the knowledge and experience I have gained is second to none.

Since I started playing football at the age of four, I have always had the dream of becoming a professional footballer. As soon as I arrived here in early August that dream became something I believed was achievable with the help of GM global sports. They have provided me with a professional opportunity and a pathway which in return I have taken this opportunity and worked my hardest to make something out of it. The guidance we receive on and off the field is fundamental and essential to every player here which is what makes everyone so hungry to improve. Aside from football the services provided in regards to the residence and meal plans is incredible and a key factor allowing every player here to reach their potential.

Before committing to GM global sports, you need to have the passion and work ethic to become a footballer. They provide the opportunity, knowledge and pathways and us as players are responsible to take those opportunities and with sacrifice do the best we can.”


Anthony Sparacino

Testimony Aaron Robertson

“I believe the football opportunity is real as you wouldn’t have this experience back in Aus as when you come here you sign for a team and you can possibly train with the first team as well as sit on the bench for them on game day

“I believe that the GM Global Sports service is very good as they cater what you need and they look after you day in and day out by providing breakfeast, lunch and dinner as well as washing clothes so I believe it’s standards is really high.

I would say to another player coming is that I recommend them to come here to Spain especially to Gm Global Sports as they provide you a brilliant pathway to professional football as we have a great mentor (Gabriel) who has experience in the footballing game so it makes the journey even better as you can learn off his experience and develop his knowledge into your game.”





Testimony Aaron Robertson

“The opportunities offered by GM Global Sports are very rare to come across. They provide a legitimate pathway for striving footballers to pursue, assisted by their guidance and support along the way.

What us players receive in return for our hard work and commitment in terms of football + keeping our responsibilities and focus off the pitch is rewarding. For example, we have a well looked after residence with everything we need. As well as activities & days out as a group to relax ours minds away from the ongoing football thoughts. Us players are lucky to have such a great support base from the GM Global Sports team.

Before committing to your football dream and GM Global Sports you must ask yourself if you really want this. If you don’t apply yourself and aren’t prepared to make sacrifices, don’t waste your time. Football is a very hard industry, but if you want it bad enough things will happen. It’s all about attitude, effort and belief. GM Global Sports will back you, but first you have to back yourself.”





Testimony James McGuire“The opportunity to play football in Spain is real, getting signed up and training almost every day at a high level is amazing however it comes down to the player whether it is sustained over a long period of time.

The service I have experienced this far has been amazing, I am continuously growing as a player and fine tuning my skills with the help of Gabriel and other members at the club. I have lived in multiple apartments and locations all of which were well looked after and kept my experience enjoyable.

I would say be prepared to go through a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences as the football is very different amd the way things work will be unlike what the player has experienced before.

James M


“Hi Chichi. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done and are doing for our son, Stephen. He is very lucky to have Gus and now you to coach and mentor him as he pursues his football goals and dreams. It is fantastic to see him so happy and doing what he loves most with the support and guidance of people who have his best interests at heart. The friendly, supportive, family environment that you, Natalia and your family have provided for him is incredible especially when he is so far away from his own family”.
Thank you!
Stuart & Maree

“Thanks Gabriel and Natalia Mendez
It was a pleasure living football with such great people and a well environment for me. Thank you for your kind words, efforts and support.”
Ben Malishev

“Chich, I would like to thank you for taking the time to help William with training when we visited Valencia. Valencia is a great place to visit with its great weather and rich history, a place we will visit again. William loved the opportunity you provided him in playing with a local team. He still talks fondly about the experience. I would thoroughly recommend GM Global Sports in organising games for individuals or clubs to get the taste of Spanish football. Those who take up your offer of assistance will not be disappointed.”
Thanks again,
Brad Freney

“Hi Chichi and Natalie, Rosey and I would like to thank you very much for looking after Giulian over the last month. He obviously had a fantastic time and learned a lot from you. Again, thank you to you and your family. I am sure he will never forget the experience.”

David (Giulian’s father).


GM Globalsports….a parents perspective
You drop your son at the airport with a one way ticket chasing their dreams…..which parent wouldn’t worry just a little!
Then they arrive and there really was nothing to worry about. Chich and Nat have it all sorted.
From picking Mark up at the airport in a foreign land, teaching him proper footballer nutrition, focussed training with champions, trialling opportunities, assimilation to a new culture and most of all being great emotional support for Mark….they catered for every possible need to let Mark focus on chasing his dream.
Mark went to Spain with GM Globalsports to chase his dream and gained another family in the process.
We can’t thank you enough Chich and Nat for helping Marks dream come true,

Pete McManus (Parent)

I can write a whole book on how welcoming and professional my time was with yourself and your lovely family. Even
after moving away to Alicante, I feel like I have a home away from home away from my tiny room. In terms of
professionalism it’s the best environment I’ve been in, in terms of development of football I don’t think you could ask for
anything better. Away from football your welcomed into a family environment and have the ability to learn and grow in a new environment.
Mark Mcmanus (Player)

My son went to Spain in 2016 with a team from Australia not knowing what to expect We were introduced to Chichi on day one and have looked at soccer ( football ) in a different way ever since. GM global Sports organised games with local teams that showed the boys from Australia how fast the game can be played. My son improved just in those two weeks without even knowing it. GM global sports went above and beyond to make sure everybody’s experience was a good one. My son was asked by GM global sports to stay on after the tour. This was a massive decision at the time as my son was 10 years old and we couldn’t speak their language. He decided to stay, Chichi welcomed us into his family for the following three weeks. We got to live like a local, Chichi organised my son to train with local teams. This was in my eyes the most valuable experience that my son could have got at this point in his career. They welcomed him into their teams and the coaches gave good constructive criticism that he is still working on to this day. If you have the opportunity to go to Spain please make sure you get in touch with Chichi from GM Global Sports.

Peter Zaccazan



Dear ChiChi,

I would just like to say Thank You so much for a wonderful Tour.
GM Global Sports Spain Tour gave my son Drew an opportunity of a lifetime.
The coaching sessions with the La Liga Clubs you organised were brilliant, he just loved them and to get to play against your Spanish Clubs was defiantly a dream come true for him and us to watch.
The tour was so we’ll run. Two weeks of football, training sessions, friendly games, stadium tours, watching games, sight seeing, shopping, beach visits, beautiful food and lovely accommodation. We could not believe how much we did within the two weeks, our whole family had a trip we will never forget.
If we ever get the opportunity to do this tour again we certainly would. It was amazing.

Thank You
Angella Maxwell