Team International is exclusively formulated for talented, hardworking and passionate young football players ages 15 to 22 who are selected by the scouting team around the world and would like a serious opportunity of becoming a professional footballer in Europe.

The program has been developed for the purposes of providing the player every possibility of earning themselves a professional contract after the season ends. However there are no guarantees in football.

We know well that for a non-European young footballer, it is almost impossible to earn themselves a contract whilst spending only a few weeks trialling from club to club, only to return home disillusioned. Understanding the difficulties in transitioning into European world of football it challenges such as, learning the language of origin, culture change, acclimatization, way of life, maturing dealing with circumstances on and off the football field, pressure of expectations and so on… For these reasons Team International is the platform to provide the players time and understanding of the requirements needed to compete in one of the most toughest leagues in the world.

During the ten months season which commences early August of each year and ending late May, the players will have daily morning training sessions, play home league and friendly games at our sporting complex which is located 15 minutes outside Valencia City.

The program will consist of the following:

  • Team International will start competing in season 2017/18.
  • Pre-season will commence early August (Pre-season will consist of some double sessions throughout the week).
    Players to arrive on sight one week to a few days prior.
  • Mid-week friendly matches against world class opponents
  • Compete in tournaments and friendly matches throughout Spain and possibly Europe.
  • Daily morning training sessions.
  • Strength and conditioning training program.
  • Rehabilitation/ recovery centre.
  • Medical staff.
  • Opportunity to be showcased throughout the season to many clubs within Spain and abroad.
  • Player Management services.
  • Access to former professional footballers/Mentors.
  • Leisure and cultural activities.


Coaches, Physical trainers and physiotherapists, following the Spanish methodology, have the responsibility to ensure the complete development of each player. Systems and various tactical know how will be implemented into training sessions on a regular basis to prepare the team for season 2017/18.

To achieve these objectives all the players must follow specific training routines. These routines include modern technology such as visual coaching, individual training sessions, video analysis, briefing sessions on tactics and systems, skill, practical tactical sessions, understanding and reading of play and decision making.

The competences acquired are evaluated at weekly matches, which will be filmed and analysed by the coaching staff.

Program Breakdown

  • Fulltime professional football program
  • Professional coaching staff
  • Individual and team video analysis
  • Quarterly reports
  • Individual tactical and technical training
  • Access to medical staff and physio
  • Gymnasium membership access to all facilities and classes
  • Professional Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Team International to compete in season 2017/18
  • Rehabilitation/ recovery centre
  • Opportunity to be showcased throughout the season to many clubs within Spain and abroad
  • Compete in tournaments
  • Players will be selected to train with Spanish and or clubs abroad
  • Scouting
  • Player Management services
  • Access to former professional footballers/Mentors
  • Leisure and cultural activities
  • Spanish course
  • Accommodation
  • Daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Bus transfers
  • Private health Insurance
  • Full playing and training strips including winter apparel
  • Most important- unrivalled mid-week games against professional La Liga clubs, 2nd-3rd & 4th division senior sides.

“Hi Chichi. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you have done and are doing for our son, Stephen. He is very lucky to have Gus and now you to coach and mentor him as he pursues his football goals and dreams. It is fantastic to see him so happy and doing what he loves most with the support and guidance of people who have his best interests at heart. The friendly, supportive, family environment that you, Natalia and your family have provided for him is incredible especially when he is so far away from his own family”.
Thank you!
Stuart & Maree

For more information do not hesitate in contacting us.